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I want Jake to hug me! <3


Favorite DC Characters | Dick Grayson

When I was a boy, my parents kept a big map of the country tacked to the wall of our dressing room. The map had pins stuck in all the places our troupe was going to stop that season. Different towns and cities were marked with different color pins. Blue pins meant small towns … which meant small shows, less dangerous tricks. Red pins meant big cities. So, big shows and more dangerous tricks. All the stops were marked red or blue .. except for Gotham City, which was marked by a black pin. According to my father, the black pin meant no holds barred. Pull out all the stops. Bring down the house. It meant put on the biggest, riskiest show of the season. No catch wires. No safety nets. Everyone pushing themselves to the limit. I remember one time when I asked my father why. What made Gotham so special? And my father, he looked down at me and he said … ‘Some places just have a hunger about them, son. And you either feed them what they want … or you stay, far, far away.’

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has it ever occurred to you that you could change your life right this second if you really wanted to?  you could stand up and yell at your teacher if you wanted to, you could place yourself in a life or death situation if you wanted, you could even take that risk and just spontaneously and passionately kiss the one you really love by surprise.  you could change the entire outcome of our lives, and if our lives are really as bad as we say they are, why won’t we take those chances.

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